Welcome to WMS Drama Club Page. Drama Club is club for students who want to participate in the art of performance as well as learning how to create and perform a play or scene. Drama Club can help with Self-Confidence: Aspects of performing arts, especially improvisation, helps young people to understand how to appraise situations, think outside the box and be more confident going into unfamiliar situations. Students learn to trust their ideas and abilities. Confidence gained from learning performing arts skills applies to school, career, and life. It also helps with imagination, being creative and learning to make creative choices helps students to be better at thinking of new ideas, allowing them to view the world around them in new ways. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Empathy is also a valuable lesson taught with this club, understanding characters, roles and the subtext of plays and musicals allows students to relate better to different situations, backgrounds, and cultures. It encourages them to show compassion and tolerance for others. Students will learn cooperation as theatre is a collaboration of different players and in many cases the quality of any performance reliance on an ensemble performance. Combining the creative ideas and the abilities of all participants is required for the best outcomes. This requires all those taking part to engage in discussions, feedback, rehearsing, and the performance. Drama is also very fun, drama brings elements of play, humour, and laughter to those taking part – improves motivation and reduces stress. Most important Drama Club is fun! So come and be a part of the show

WMS Drama club was founded by Scarlett Tidwell, Mrs. Tidwell was a wonderful human being who cared greatly for her students as well as the rich history of literature and the culture of our lives. She always encouraged everyone she met and was very helpful and determined to make the best of any situation. Below are some quotes that are from some works of literature, plays, or movies that Mrs. Tidwell enjoyed to share with her students.

“I’m going to dance, and dance, and dream even if dreams don't make sense” Gone with the Wind

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” Alice in Wonderland

Dorothy Gale: Oh, you’re the best friends anybody ever had. And it’s funny, but I feel as if I’d known you all the time, but I couldn’t have, could I?

The Scarecrow: I don’t see how. You weren’t around when I was stuffed and sewn together, were you?

The Tin Woodsman: And I was standing over there, rusting for the longest time.

Dorothy Gale: Still, I wish I could remember, but I guess it doesn’t matter anyway. We know each other now, don’t we?- Wizard of Oz

2018 Play: Cheaters

The Outsiders

2017 Play: Wizard of Oz

2016 Play: Alice in Wonderland