ACT Aspire is a computer-based, longitudinal assessment system that connects growth and progress from elementary grades through high school in the context of college and career readiness. Assessing students’ knowledge and skills is critical to ensuring all students receive the support and services necessary to help them succeed in school and life. The essential, actionable information and insights gained from ACT Aspire help educators understand a student’s past, capture the present, and impact the future.


Start preparing your students for college and career early and often. ACT Explore is designed to help 8th and 9th graders explore a broad range of options for their future. It prepares students not only for their high school coursework but for their post–high school choices as well. ACT Explore can serve as an independent program or as the entry point into ACT’s College and Career Readiness System.

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Test Registration

Winfield High School is now a national ACT Test Center. Students from any school can take the ACT at Winfield High School.

Test center code is 242160.

Next ACT test date is September 21. Registration deadline is August 23.

New photo requirements