Chad Beasley - Technology Coordinator
Justin Parr - Technical Support
Derek Trimm - Technical Support/Website Administrator
Joseph Carr - Part-Time Technical Support


If you are having trouble accessing the Internet at home, be sure your computer is joined to your home wifi. Laptops require a wifi connection for accessing the Internet. If the laptop shows a good connection and you are still unable to access the Internet, restart your computer. As a last troubleshooting step, be sure other devices in your home can access the Internet through your home wifi to rule out a problem with your router or Internet Service Provider.

one to one


Winfield City Schools is on the forefront of integrating technology in the classroom and has made tremendous strides recently with our 1:1 initiative that began in 2013. Now students use technology daily and continually to engage and collaborate on their assignments to improve achievement and communication. Teachers use a variety of technology tools as well.

All students in grades 3-12 have a 1:1 laptop with a full version of Microsoft Office with accounts to log-on to Google and Office 365. All students in grades k-2 use iPads.

Haiku is used as the online learning management system and currently integrates seamlessly with Google. All students have an Active Directory account that is used for all single sign-on to network resources, Pirate Mail (Microsoft Exchange), Google Apps, Office 365, Schoology, and Pirate Library (Destiny Library Management System.

We are committed to providing relevant technology as a resource for improving student achievement, student engagement, collaboration, and communication.

Keeping students both safe and focused on curriculum is a system priority. In order to protect and serve students, the system has adopted several policies and guidelines. Please contact your school office for more information and request a copy of the Internet Acceptable Use Policy. Winfield is CIPA compliant and meets all federal and state regulations for providing a safe Internet for minors.