Chad Beasley - Technology Coordinator
Justin Parr - Technical Support
Derek Trimm - Technical Support/Website Administrator
Joseph Carr - Part-Time Technical Support



If you are having trouble accessing the Internet at home, be sure your computer is joined to your home wifi. Laptops require a wifi connection for accessing the Internet. If the laptop shows a good connection and you are still unable to access the Internet, restart your computer. As a last troubleshooting step, be sure other devices in your home can access the Internet through your home wifi to rule out a problem with your router or Internet Service Provider.

one to one

Winfield City Schools is on the forefront of integrating technology in the classroom and has made tremendous strides with a 1:1 initiative that began in 2013. Students use technology daily and continually to engage and collaborate on their assignments to improve achievement and communication. Teachers use a variety of technology tools as well.

All students have a technology device assigned by the district.  Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade have an iPad and students in grades 2-8 use Chromebooks.  Students in grades 9-12 use a modern Dell laptop with a full version of Microsoft Office.  All students have Google accounts.

Schoology is used as the online learning management system and currently integrates seamlessly with Google. All students have a network account that is used for a single sign-on to network resources, Pirate Mail, Google Apps, Office 365, Schoology, Pirate Library (Destiny Library Management System), and many other online resources.

We are committed to providing relevant technology as a resource for improving student achievement, student engagement, collaboration, and communication.

Keeping students both safe and focused on curriculum is a system priority. In order to protect and serve students, the system has adopted several policies and guidelines. Please contact your school office for more information and request a copy of the Internet Acceptable Use Policy. Winfield is CIPA compliant and meets all federal and state regulations for providing a safe Internet for minors.