Parent Portal is an invaluable tool for parents to check in with their children’s progress in class.

Here is a link that will explain how Parent Portal is used and how to access the resource.

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Haiku is a learning management system, being implemented at all grade levels, that will blend traditional classroom learning with the use of computer technology. Each student will have a laptop computer to use for the duration of the school year.

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Click here for more information and tutorials on Haiku and the 1:1 initiative.


The Alabama Career Information Network (ACIN) has provided a selection of brochures that provide useful resources for parents. Click the button to browse the links.

ACIN Links


The following documents are requested for enrollment:

  1. A copy of the child’s original birth certificate

  2. A copy of the child’s social security card

  3. An up to date original “blue” Alabama immunization card with valid expiration date

  4. A copy of two items detailing your name and address for verification of current residency. Such items would include but not be limited to a water bill, power bill, telephone bill, insurance statement, etc…

  5. A completed enrollment form (This form may be obtained from office.)

  6. A completed emergency form (This form may be obtained through our website or at office.)

  7. A completed health form (This form may be obtained through our website or at office.)

  8. A copy of current custody papers if applicable.

After completing all enrollment forms and providing required documentation, the parent of any new student must meet with the middle school principal before final enrollment is approved. Please call school to arrange a time to meet with the principal.

Click here to view and download the emergency school-closing information form.

Click here to view and download the Health Assessment Record form.


  1. The parent or legal guardian must contact the school counselor on the day of withdrawal.

  2. The parent or legal guardian must sign a withdrawal form provided by the school counselor and provide the name of the school where your child will transfer.

  3. The student will return all textbooks to teachers and get teachers’ signatures that the books were returned. The student will also return all library books to the media center and get the librarian’s signature that all library books have been returned.

  4. The student must make sure to return any other school items(band uniform, band instrument, etc.), check for lunchroom debts or credits, and remove all items from his or her gym locker.

  5. When the above has been completed and the withdrawal form is returned to the counselor/principal, a copy of the birth certificate, social security card, attendance report, current grades, and the student’s immunization blue card (if transferring to an Alabama school or a copy if transferring out of state), will be provided to the parent or legal guardian at the time of withdrawal. Also, a copy of an IEP, if applicable, will be included.

  6. Official records will be sent to the new school upon request.