Walk in my shoes

Greetings from Winfield City Schools,


We’ve probably all heard the saying, “walk a mile in my shoes.”  Simply put, we should try to understand someone before we criticize them.  That is much more easily said than put into practice.  I have witnessed instances of this throughout my life as a child, teenager, young adult, and let’s just say more aged adult.  More often than not, in the more formative years of my life, I was the one that needed to do the walking.  Over time however, I think that I probably walk more with individuals instead of in their shoes.

There is an old movie that was produced in 1989 called Glory and personifies the meaning of “walk a mile in my shoes.”  It starred Denzel Washington and Matthew Broderick.  The movie is tabbed as a historical war drama.  As is the case with most movies, some of the facts get sensationalized.  However, there is great meaning to the movie that relates to the aforementioned “walk a mile in my shoes.”  Broderick’s character is Colonel Robert Shaw.  He comes from a family of affluence and is promoted to colonel of the 54th Massachusetts Military Regiment.  He is a weak leader and is given the care for an African American Unit.  Denzel Washington is a soldier in the unit named Silas Trip.  Trip, as he is referred to, is a very strong leader (by his personality not rank).  As the movie develops, so does the relationship between these two characters.  Although both are fighting in a war together, their motivation is not for the same cause.  Over time, the bond that is formed between the two men is one of respect that changes the opinion of each man.  Why?  Because they (metaphorically) walked in each other’s shoes.  I would like to tell you about ending, but I’ll not spoil it in case you choose to watch the movie at some point.

My somewhat biased opinion is that we have the best school district in the state.  We are a Pirate Family.  And, as is the case with families, we often fight, forgive, and forget.  Most of the time.  Our family is unique and changing as we are coming from many different cultures and walks of life.  We are off to a great start of school this year, and I want to encourage you to “walk a mile in (you fill in the blank) shoes” and be quick to hear and understand and slower to speak.  In doing so, I believe you will spend more time walking with your family.