Good King Wenceslas

Greetings from Winfield City Schools,

We are nearing the close of the first semester of this school year, and what a school year it has been.  For many, it may go unnoticed that we haven’t closed schools because of large numbers of viral infections.  We also may not consider that we now attend extra-curricular activities and engage each other face to face.  It is easy to overlook our past and take for granted the greatest gifts that are often right in front of us.  As we near this time of holidays, I hope that you and your family will take time to reflect on the many areas of our lives that we should be thankful for. 

The Winfield City Schools Bands performed their Christmas Concert earlier this month.  Any one that was able to attend witnessed a great performance.  From beginners to advanced, all of the performers did an outstanding job.  One thing that caught my eye was the song, “Good King Wenceslas”.  I’ve heard the song many times as a child and adult, but I never really paid that much attention to the words.  However, on this night, as the Band performed, I decided to google the lyrics.  I would encourage you to do so also and read the words.  Please forgive me as I paraphrase the meaning.  King Wenceslas, in his warm home when technology was non-existent, noticed a poor man gathering wood.  With compassion in his heart, he called a servant to help him gather food, drink, and wood to deliver to this poor man.  His servant let him know the journey would be long, but the good King did not hesitate to carry out this endeavor.  As they traveled by moon, the night grew darker and it got colder.  The servant felt he could go no farther when the good King told him to step in his footsteps.  The song ends by reminding us that are blessed with wealth or rank that when we bless others, we are also blessed.  I am so glad our students are exposed to this type of music that has such a powerful meaning. 

We should all look forward to some time off as we near the holiday season.  It is also my hope that you are blessed with time with family and fellowship.  Please allow me to offer you and your family a Merry Christmas.